Finding a skipped tenant

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Instructions for finding a skipped tenant

To find the forwarding address for skips we have found something that works every time (when they file a forwarding address!) and we have multiple examples to prove it. It's a bit of fiddling, but works!

Go to USPS Shipping Assistant

Download the free program (slow and clunky)... Click Here to download the program now

Open the program (very slow), enter name, address, etc. Reminder: PLEASE don't slip and give out your home address! Send it to their last known address - your rental property.

Under DETAILS, fill in WEIGHT, (a 9" X 12" envelope with a few sheets of paper is about 4 ounces. If no scale, guess a few ounces high.) If you just want the address, leave the envelope empty. They might call and complain!


  • CONTAINER: select PARCEL (that's the weird step)



Cut and tape this label to an envelope (use a larger envelope for the larger label but stay 12" or less), apply postage.

Here's the fiddly: (the nice lady at the Post Office counter taught us this... and many courts are now using this too!) BEFORE you seal the envelope, roll up some bubble wrap or anything light and make a "lump" that is greater than 3/4" thick... it does not need to be more than a lump. Your envelope must not pass thru their 3/4" letter test slot... once you see this at the PO counter it will make sense. Now your envelope is no longer an envelope, it is now a "parcel" and qualifies for this labeling, extra services, and a lower price.

If less than 13 ounces you can just leave it for your postman to pick up.

FYI: This is how we send Deposit Settlements for $3 to $4 postage for tracking and delivery confirmation. DO NOT request SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION because if they don't sign, it PROVES they did not get service.

After a short time (up to around 21 days) you can get a photocopy from USPS of your envelope with the new address sticker on it. You'll have to pay 50 cents to the postman for this return copy but you'll GET THEIR NEW ADDRESS!

Hope this information helps you catch up with the bad guys!


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