Are you tired of carrying a big fat ring of keys?

Have you gone all the way out to a property only to find you didn't bring the right key with you?

Have you ever been frustrated by not being able to find the keys to show a property?

Do you spend big money on replacement locks and keys?

Are you still wasting valuable time using hand tools to change locks between tenants?

If you answered yes to any of these questions LockWiz will provide you with custom master keyed lock system to bring sanity back to your life at wholesale prices.

It's true, you can reduce the number of keys you, your property managers and your contractors need to access all of your properties to just one key. Additionally, using this unique master/control key system will reduce your lock changing time to seconds per door without all the old fashioned tools needed to remove the lock. Your cost is reduced to as little as $3.00 per re-keyed exchange cylinder including the keys.

YES, that's right... now YOU can Change locks in mere seconds for only $3.00 per lock!

All locks are keyed for your master key and just one tenant or if you have a common area for all tenants, however you need them to work for you.

The LockWiz interchangeable core lock system is based on a design created in the 1920’s and it is still in use today by the U.S. Government, major commercial, industrial, institutional, and state/local government entities. Until recently the original manufacturer of interchangeable core (SFIC) locks held patents and kept their products priced out of the budget range of most rental housing industry customers. After many years of being the exclusive seller of SFIC locks, their patents expired, opening the door for other manufacturers to enter the interchangeable core lock market.

The LockWiz suppier has carefully evaluated and selected the best quality SFIC locks and negotiated pricing that allows them to provide you with very high quality SFIC locks at very affordable prices.

In addition to being able to be changed quickly, SFIC locks have an inherent level of key control… in other words the ability to restrict who can copy or possess a key to a particular lock. With SFIC locks your tenants can’t get their keys duplicated at the big box home centers or department stores. Only about 30% of full service locksmith shops even have the equipment and key blanks to make duplicate keys for SFIC locks, but since the U.S. Government is the primary user of SFIC locks, most local locksmiths will be very reluctant to make a duplicate key for one of your tenants. In addition, the keys we supply are marked “UNLAWFUL TO DUPLICATE” or “DUPLICATION PROHIBITED.”

This helps reduce unauthorized additional residents living in your properties. The LockWiz supplier also has an optional upgrade available, patent protected key-way cores… this means that the shape of the keys are different than the keys available from any other source and they are the ONLY source for duplicate keys if you select this option. This makes it virtually impossible for any unauthorized person to make a duplicate tenant key, master key or control key… they simply can not get the proper key blank to do so.

The LockWiz keys and cylinders are also marked with a matching customer code system. If you have been in the real estate rental business for any length of time you probably have a bucket or two of locks you have no idea which key in your pile of keys will open. The LockWiz customer code system eliminates this problem and makes it easy to order additional keys for the cylinders that tenants have not returned the keys for. Just give them the cylinder customer code stamped on the side of the cylinder and their computer will cut keys for that cylinder.

Here is another problem solved… have tenants ever changed the locks on YOUR property without authorization? The LockWiz supplier has thwarted the unauthorized lock changer… you can install deadbolt locks with T.R.A.P. screws… (T.R.A.P. stands for Tenant Resistant Attachment Products). These screws have a patented high security head and the LockWiz supplier is the only source for the screwdriver tip needed to remove these screws from the deadbolts… and they will only sell the T.R.A.P. screws and screwdriver tips to legitimate authorized customers.

Price advantage… the LockWiz supplier is one of the largest volume lock dealers in the U.S.A. and they deal exclusively with rental property owners and managers. Since they began business in 1998, they have gained market share through aggressive pricing made possible by large volume purchasing, and their unmatched customer service and meticulous record keeping. You will find them a pleasure to do business with and they continue to grow even in the current economic climate.

The LockWiz supplier offers you an alternative to any other lock system. Here are a few examples of how lock systems have been implemented and managed in the past:


Master keyed locks would be special ordered from a supplier and installed. This required capitol improvement budget expenditures. After these locks were purchased, management would be on their own and dependant on maintenance for rekeying and lock changes. Often, lock changes were neglected. This is unthinkable from the premises liability standpoint.


Locks would be purchased on an “open stock” master key system from a maintenance supply house. This particular approach has given master keying a bad name in the rental housing industry. The downside to this approach is the unrestricted availability of master keys and the limited number of master keys to select from. Unfortunately, these supply houses have their master keys freely available to anyone in their catalogs. On the positive side, this does make it easier to implement a system using funds from the maintenance budget.


Another popular option is to utilize the services of a local locksmith but this approach tends to be a bit expensive. If the locksmith performs the lock changes on‑site between tenancies, the service calls aren’t cheap. If the locksmith has a storefront shop location, and your maintenance staff spends a lot of time running back and forth to get locks rekeyed too many maintenance man-hours are lost in the process.


An additional approach which has great potential for a premises liability disaster is the incompetent locksmith. This can even be a hardware or home center employee that knows just enough about master keying locks to be dangerous… and they are! These people do not have the security, the computer software or master keys charts to set up a proper master key system. Instead of milling original keys on a code cutting machine, these individuals use randomly selected keys from a bin of discarded keys, keys discarded when other customers wanted locks keyed alike. The potential to create a phantom sub-master key that will unlock every third lock is enormous.

LockWiz provides standard entry locks, vestibule locks, single and double keyed deadbolts and an array of upscale entry lock hardware in bright brass, antique brass or satin chrome finishes that have quick change removable cylinders. We also supply master keyed padlocks.

Quality, security, durability, master key convenience, and the dividends of quick and inexpensive re-keying make the LockWiz SFIC master keyed lock system... an EXCELLENT value!

A simple quarter turn of the master control key will release the lock cylinder so it can be removed and replaced in mere seconds.

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