How many of you have these IT problems?

How many of you have no idea what you are doing when it comes to computers?

How many do, but donít want to take the time to do it yourself?

Have you ever taken your computer to or called a business to get it fixed? Ė How was that for you?

Did you know who to call?

Have you bought various software and malware products from different sources to maintain your IT needs?

How many of you spend the time researching the next latest and greatest in technology?

Do you have sluggish computers or computer errors?

Do you remember to schedule clean-ups and

Do you have up-to-date malware prevention from infected websites, self-extracting email attachments, drive-by downloads, data ransom viruses?

If your computer gets infected what then?

Are you managing your own IT cost and control?

Would rather have your own personal IT assistant?


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What is Street Smart TechWiz?

TechWiz is a package of products and services designed to provide you with comprehensive virtual IT support for your business' critical devices... all from one provider.

We like to think of it as your all-in-one tech support package; everything from remote support to malware protection to cloud backup all included in one package.   

As business owners, your time is far too valuable to be spent troubleshooting basic IT issues and protecting your critical data when your time could be much better spent on increasing your bottom line.



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