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Collect Rent Online... Effortlessly!

Find Reliable Residents

With RentTrackWiz leasing and screening, residents can apply and pay fees online through our customizable application. Run credit, criminal, and eviction checks with the click of a button to find the best people for your properties.

Get Paid Quickly

Tired of chasing down payments? RentTrackWiz sends reminders for you, and alerts you the moment your tenants have paid. Funds deposit directly to your account, without you ever visiting the bank.

Keep Track of it All

Time is precious. Quickly review all your resident payments on our easy-to-use dashboard and received daily deposit reports in your inbox. We also integrate with top property management software to keep accounting in sync for you.

RentTrackWiz was built for you. Your residents pay rent already, why not build their credit rating too?


Want to set it and forget it? With RentTrackWiz your residents can set up automatic recurring rent payments. They set up it once and they don’t have to think about it again


Your residents need a nudge! No worries, RentTrackWiz will help you take care of the important stuff. Your residents will get reminders when their rent is due or if their credit card is about to expire.


Want your residents to get ahead? RentTrackWiz can report your resident's rent payments to major credit bureaus. They'll even get to view their credit score and profile summary.

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