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If you're changing jobs, a Rollover IRA makes it easy to move your funds without tax penalties. An IRA may also allow you a more diverse set of investment choices to continue to grow your nest egg.

IRAWiz Self Directed IRA

Take control of your investments by managing alternative assets in a IRAWiz™ Self-Directed IRA. Self-directed IRA accounts have always provided an avenue for independent investors who want flexibility when planning for the future. Self-directed IRAs provide such flexibility by providing investors — who demand diversification and customization within their portfolio — an opportunity to invest in alternative assets within an IRA.

With our self-directed IRAs, investors can customize their retirement investment portfolio with:

  • Real Estate, LLC's and Limited Partnerships

  • Non-traditional or alternative investments such as closely held stocks

  • Traditional assets such as publicly available stocks, bonds, mutual funds and CDs

Self-directed IRAs are offered as both a Traditional and a Roth IRA, and all assets may be self-directed.  Different types of investments can be held in one account, whether public, private or alternative investments, and managed through hands-on service. Investors don’t have to wrangle with phone trees or cues, but have direct access to financial advisors who can offer exceptional service and sensible advice.

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